Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer is arriving....

...and with that....vacation plans are set and I can not wait!!! We are headed out of town in couple of weeks for a few days to North Carolina. But the main vacation is in August...that seems so far away!! We will be headed to South Carolina to Myrtle Beach. I love the beach, but Mike really loves the beach. Two chairs, an umbrella, a cooler full of....think creatively...a book and the sound of the waves....for 7 days!!! Ahhhh!!

I have good news...some of you may have known that I have been having a lot of female problems lately, and the Doctor ordered a came back negative, and all of my blood work looked fabulous....the only problem with this is I am back at square one with my symptoms. We are still working on it though.

My little Savannah was sick this week with ear infections, pink eye and a virus of some sort....but...with a bottle of the yummy pink stuff...she was feeling very well by the end of the week. I love that babies can bounce back so quickly!! Just hate seeing them sick....but with all of this...she is now MOBILE!! She is crawling!! WOOT!! Well, when I say crawl...she is doing the "scooch"...push with her feet and pull with her arms...and like all the other grands before her, the magazine rack has become the hot spot!!! Now we know why there are only SPORTS magazines in that rack!! HAHAHA!! My books are safely secure in another room.

Well, the holiday weekend gives us a three day weekend...we will be cooking out at my Mom's this weekend...which will be wonderful..given the circumstances around Mother's Day we did not get to celebrate, so we can make up for it this weekend!!! Loving that all the pools are opening up this weekend too!! So COME ON LET'S GET ON WITH IT SUMMER!!

The only photos I took this week were of Cameran's new dog and couple of Cameran (being TOO COOL)

This weeks Scrapping (Click Image for Credits)


  1. Hey Nana, you gotta love holiday / vacation plans right? I'm starting to get excited too because I'm flying outta the UK in a few weeks time myself! Glad to hear nothing serious is wrong with you (KWIM?) but bummer about not having a clear diagnosis though! You gotta get some video footage of Savannah scooting around on her butt ... too cute! And OMGosh ... how sweet is Bailey??? Seriously, I love the chocolate brown colour of his coat and those eyes are just gorgeous ... I want one!!! Hope you have a wonderful long weekend & enjoy your cook out (this time!). Hugs, sue.falstaff

  2. we have a saying: no news is good news, hope that goes for you and your health too.

    love the doggie pictures and dog, but don't tell Maya, she'll want one too.

  3. Linda - WOW!!! I am so loving your blog....gorgeous colors!!!

    ((hugs)) Glad that test came back negative - fingers crossed they find an answer fast! I am thinking of you!

    Ohhhh vacation.....!!!! WOoot Woooot!!!! I hope you are your cooler full of....(books) *LOL* Has a fab time!!!

  4. Wonderful serie of layout! you are doing amazingly good!
    Have great time now, ok


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  6. Great news, Linda, that your biopsy came back negative!!! I didn't realize that you had that weighing on your mind.. I wonder what is going on?
    I love the pictures and layouts!
    and thanks for the visit and compliments on my blog!

  7. oh ear infections are not fun for little ones! I bet you can't wait for your holiday ... think of me in WINTER will you ;) SO glad to hear about your biopsy. Hang in there .... results will come.