Friday, May 21, 2010

A few random moments of the past few days

Wow...time just grandson informed me on Monday that he only had 17 days of school left!!! Which means this fall he will be headed to the first grade. I must tell you about his "end of the year" spell. On Friday of last week, Sharon went to school to eat lunch with him and before she left she asked the teacher if his behavior had been doing okay. The teacher did not have a good report on that. It seems that Cameran has gotten a bit bored with school, and he believes he is the designated CLASS CLOWN. OH MY!!! During their testing, he decided it was not all that important, stood up on his chair and started dancing and singing. DOUBLE OH MY!!! Well, actually, as his Nana, I have to chuckle about it, because as his Mother was so angry she could chew nails in two, I was thinking "if this is the worst he ever does, you have it made my dear". Well, he admitted to the boredom and that he just loves to make his friends laugh. He was grounded, no TV, Wii, or friends all week, plus he had to write sentences for a few nights after dinner. I suppose if any good came out of this, his hand writing is improving!!

Well is it any wonder school bores him? Here are some of his recent activities and it looks like so much more fun!! HEHEHE...I can say this, I am his NANA!!

Yesterday I went with Jesse's Preschool Class to the Zoo. Traci just loves going with the kids on their outings and invited me to go along. I was thrilled to go!! Those little one had a blast!! These chilren range from 3 to 5 in this class. Ahh to be this age and see things the way they do again!! The thing about children this age, they were all totally worn out when the day was done, but you know what? SO WAS I!!! I am getting old!! Here are few of the pics from our day to the zoo.

Here are my latest scrap pages. They are linked for credits.


  1. I cannot believe he got up and danced during testing!! That is so funny!

  2. Hey Nana, I love hearing about your grand-kiddies! Cameran sounds like a hoot and seriously, how cute does he look in his tball uniform??? You're a brave woman to tag along on a pre-school trip to the zoo ... who was more excited though, you or the kids??? Come on, you can 'fess up ... it was you, wasn't it?!?!?! I love your photo collages Nana, the templates you're using are ACE! Just reading about your week wears me out ... think I need a snooze! Hugs, sue.falstaff

  3. Hi Nana
    thanks for visiting my blog - much appreciated.
    you and Helen have such beautiful blogs - especially love the collage of photos
    what a sweetheart ball player - Toronto Blue Jays will be looking for new talent in years to come!
    Time for a coffee after reading about your week :)
    lotsa hugs

  4. Oh how I love the end of the school year preschool activities! I got to attend Taylor's field day and sing a long!!!
    I love your pictures!!!!


  5. Your scrapping girl is awesome! And those collages are truly wonderful! Keep enjoying those kiddies Linda. Have a great week.