Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Birthday Party!!

Yes, after waiting for nearly 7 months, Cameran finally got to have his birthday party! Since his birthday falls 9 days after Christmas, his parents asked him if he wanted to wait this year and do it in the Summer and have a pool party. He was hesitant at the time, but he agreed. So after waiting, and planning...he decided on a "WATER PARTY". They put up the slip and slide, water guns, and then finished up in the pool. His words, I believe were "THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE". There were tons of kids there, and they all had a good time. Even the babies...we set up the little baby pool for them to play. Before the waterplay, there were hamburgers and hotdogs, and cake, and yes presents...always a big hit!

Some of the Waterplay
We tried to stay busy this week and had a visit to the zoo and the pool. We also got into some crafting, puzzles, books and baking. The boys had a good time with the DS one day, legos and we even broke out the bubbles.

Someone got caught with their finger in the cake while decorating
And the proof is on the face

She is such a priss pot!
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A hot and busy week

The weather has been scorching this week! Temps in the upper 90's and the humidity has been through the roof!! I will take this over the winter for sure, but a little cooler would be nice! The A/C is working overtime!!

Mike was on vacation this week and we took a quick trip to North Carolina (Charlotte). We had tickets to take Cameran to see wrestling at the Time Warner Arena. HUGE crowd and loads of fun!! Live television brings out the WILD in everyone! We taped the show on DVR here at home and were able to see ourselves several times. The rest of the trip included A LOT of walking around the big city. NOW NOW...remember we live in a tiny little city, so those tall buildings and great architecture are a rarity for us!! We visited the EpiCenter and did some swimming and relaxing by the rooftop pool at the Marriott we stayed at. Then a little shopping before we came home. It was quick, but a nice getaway.

Then it was down to some work when we got home...we managed to clean out some rooms and haul away a couple of carloads of items. This is getting me prepared to do some painting in couple of weeks. We are in desperate need of some touching up, and I am so ready to change out my window coverings.

Today, Cameran and I went to see Toy Story 3...LOVED IT!!! I was a bit saddened by the ending, but I will not spoil it for any of you planning to go see it!!! Traci then brought Jesse over this evening so we headed over to Sharon's so the boys could swim for a while...her husband has been building a new deck around the pool and he is just about finished...VERY NICE!! He has done a fabulous job!!

Here are a few of my photos from our trip...most of them turned out really bad, as I managed to really mess up the settings on the camera....UUUGGHH!! Here is what I have salvaged so far!!

Cameran & I
A Pool Shot of Mike

Random Shots and A LOT OF LIGHTROOM

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

As Summer Begins... does the fun!! The last day of school was Thursday and so all of the kids were here all day yesterday for a lot of splish splashing in the back yard!! It was hot and a perfect day for this. Traci and I have a Summer mission to make sure these kids have a great we have planned a lot of activites....stay tuned for the fun!!

Cameran had his last ball game last night..and he will now move on to soccer...which starts in about a month. He is begging his Mom to play football too, but I think she wants him to wait one more year. The natural born worry wart she is, I think she is afraid to let him play, because he is so little. But like we always say...He is little but he is scrappy.

It was also the end of school this weeks. Jesse is not too thrilled. He loves school (even if it is just preschool). Cameran on the other hand was very excited!! He did get two awards at the awards ceremony on Thursday. He received an attendance award and a music award (which was given by the music teacher to only two children in each grade level). Now the other award he could have received for his grade level, citizenship award, was not going to be possible after his "dancing and singing on the table incident". Hmmmm....maybe there should have been a class clown...HAHA!!

My daughter's birthday was this week....I really can not believe that I am saying that I have a daughter who is 27 years old now!!! WHERE DID THIS TIME GO??? Me and Dirt....something in common now for sure!! We won't get to go out this weekend, since we have a little trip planned, but maybe next weekend for sure....seems to be the common way in this family to celebrate things a few weeks after the fact.

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Oh by the way...forgot to mention that I am now on the Creative team of Matrioshki Designs!! I struggled with deciding to do this, but after turning it down several weeks ago, it sort of fell out of the sky I thought I should give it a try!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dinner Out Tonight

Yes... we went out to eat tonight. You ask "why is that so special?" Well, first it was a belated birthday dinner for one of my step daughters, Jamie (she is 27 now). Secondly, we went to The HOMEPLACE!! This is not only a wonderful place to eat, but the most beautiful and serene setting to enjoy!! Now the food, you may not appreciate unless you are a southern girl like me!! But more than the food I just love the scenery!! It's an old farm plantation that was built in the 1800's and was established into a restaurant in 1982. You can plan on waiting a minimum of an hour, usually around an hour and half to eat, but that is perfect to walk the property and enjoy!! Take a look

Me and Mike

The Birthday Girl (Jamie and Clint)

All of Us (Clint, Jamie, Me, Mike, Annette)

The rest of my week was pretty much the usual!! So no boring details!!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lady Buggin and a Freebie

A New Kit By Merkeley Designs...LADY BUGGIN...and I have made a couple of QP's for you using this kit!!

Download Here:

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This kit also coordinates BEAUTIFULLY with this month's Color Challenge at Oscraps