Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dinner Out Tonight

Yes... we went out to eat tonight. You ask "why is that so special?" Well, first it was a belated birthday dinner for one of my step daughters, Jamie (she is 27 now). Secondly, we went to The HOMEPLACE!! This is not only a wonderful place to eat, but the most beautiful and serene setting to enjoy!! Now the food, you may not appreciate unless you are a southern girl like me!! But more than the food I just love the scenery!! It's an old farm plantation that was built in the 1800's and was established into a restaurant in 1982. You can plan on waiting a minimum of an hour, usually around an hour and half to eat, but that is perfect to walk the property and enjoy!! Take a look

Me and Mike

The Birthday Girl (Jamie and Clint)

All of Us (Clint, Jamie, Me, Mike, Annette)

The rest of my week was pretty much the usual!! So no boring details!!

Here is my scrapping for this past week (I did not scrap a lot, as I was busy with getting a couple of challenges together at Oscraps...GO CHECK THEM OUT HERE

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  1. Hey Nana, hope you had a wonderful evening out ... the The Homeplace looks idyllic and with scenery like that, who cares how long the food takes, right? Your photo of Jamie & Clint is just so beautiful ... I bet we'll be seeing that in a few pages soon!!!! Quiet weeks are often the best, no rushing around, no hurry ... time to stop & smell the roses as they say! Hope your week ahead is calm & peaceful too! Hugs, sue.falstaff

  2. okay .. I have only one important question. Did you edit these in LR? I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous! Great great work Linda. Have a fab week.