Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Memory

We are sadly saying goodbye to someone we all love so much, my Aunt Peggy. She lost her battle of two and half years with cancer, on Monday Morning.

This photo was taken just before she got sick. She was such a gorgeous lady!!

In honor of my most favorite Aunt, I would like to share some of the fabulous memories about her. She was 15 years older than me, so you can imagine, in my preteen years, I spent a lot of time with her and thought she was the COOLEST. She had the best sense of humor, and was so much fun to be around ALWAYS! And what is so AWESOME is that my girls were able to spend the same kind of time with her and thought the exact same way about her. She was a loving Mother and Grandmother. I found myself, in parenting, to a bit more like her than my own Mom. She was a NO HOLDS BAR type of Mom. If her kids did something, or asked advice, she told it JUST LIKE IT IS...no dancing around the issue, or sugar coating (My Mom will do this sometimes). I could go on and on about her personality and traits all day. But I want to tell you of a couple of my favorite memories of her. First, when I was about 10 or so, I came to stay with my grandparents for a few days, and she was there quite often. My grandfather loved to set up at the Flea Market and sell his little treasures. So we took him. While he was selling his things, she and I took off around the rest of the market to find our own treasures. We found all kinds of things..but we ran across this one little stand that had old "antique" clothing. We started putting these clothes on over our own clothes, and putting on the crazy hats. The lady running the booth was getting aggitated with us, because she thought we were playing and not buying, and she was right. She finally asked us to leave. My Aunt leaned over and whispered in my ear "Boy she has a bad attitude, wonder who peed in her cornflakes." Well, being around 10 yo, what did I do? I turned around and asked the lady "Who peed in your cornflakes?" My aunt cracks up laughing and said we better go. The lady started fussing at how rude we were, and my Aunt looked at her and said "You need to get a life lady, we were just having some fun." Yeah, sounds like she might not have been the best influence, but really she was....she was really good at teaching us all about the value of your ownself, and not letting others perceptions make you do things you don't want to do. Another moment that stands out to me is about 8 years ago. I made a trip to TN to see my step daughter. I had to go in one day and come back, and needed someone to go with me, so she volunteered. We had the most wonderful time. A 7 hour car ride there and back just flew by!! We spent about and hour at my step daughter's house, but we stopped so many cool places, that I would have never stopped to see if she had not been with me. She would spot a place or sign, and say "oh we need to check that place out" and we did!! It was a 16 hour day of so much fun!! The last time we did something together was about 3 months ago. She and I went out for the day...she really did not feel like it, but insisted that we go. It wasn't a very long day, she could not take it too long. But even in her pain and suffering..she was joking and laughing. We met my girls for lunch too, so I am very happy that we all had that last good memory of her together. I had not seen her since that day, although I talked to her on the phone quite a bit. I will always miss her, but she will ALWAYS put a huge smile on my face.

Love and Hugs Aunt P!! You are forever in my heart!

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  1. Dearest Linda,

    Your aunt sounds like a fabulous lady and someone who will be sorely missed. I hope journaling these wonderful memories helps you & your family find peace in the coming days / weeks / months. I've no doubt your scrapbooking will bring great comfort and joy to everyone that knew her and is the perfect way to pay tribute.

    (((((( hugs ))))))


  2. My condolences to you and your family Linda. I lost my precious Aunt last year and miss her dearly. TFS your wonderful memories.