Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lightroom IS THE BEST!

I did the trial version of Lightroom, and the very first day I fell in love!! so bought it!! I was having some trouble getting my copy sent to me, which I only needed the serial #. But it arrived yesterday, and I have not had the time to play too much yet, but here is one photo that I just adore from Easter Sunday, of my grandaughter Jaiden.


  1. Oh I'm soooooo jealous right now ... I'd LOVE to get Lightroom, but neither finances nor my laptop could cope with the addition right now ... one day [hopefully!]. Hugs, sue.falstaff

  2. WTG Linda!!! Welcome to blog's adventure! I'm happy to see you here!!! Big hugs my friend!!!

  3. Just like SUE, I WANT it!!!!

  4. Linda, I love the colors on your blog!!!
    Great layout!

    Have fun playing with Lightroom. I need to do it again!!

  5. oh I so want LR! How fabulous is this!