Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's been a while....

My entry for last weeks DigiDare
WOOT!!! My page was picked as the winner!!

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted here!! But I have been crazy busy!! These kids are keeping me on my toes!! I took on a new little boy two weeks ago too! He is two and so adorable! He is really a great kid!! So I think it's going to work out. He cries when his Mom picks him up...he wants to stay!!

Last weekend we celebrated 4th of July here in the US....and in typical American style...we cooked out...It was a nice day, with family and the weather as well.

This was a festive as I could get...I was so tired, I was asleep before 10 pm...and missed all the fireworks. But the kids all went their seperate ways to see them or set them off at their homes.

So this week was very hot again and we have had so many thunderstorms...and they are big ones, lasting for a long time...and three times this week....POWER OUTAGE!!! Helen told me that we are making the news downunder for our major heatwave!!! Come up Helen and you can enjoy some Summer with us!!

Also this week, Savannah finally started crawling on her knees...instead of that "army man crawl" Her dress gets in the way sometimes though...but she wasn't crawling a lot, as she had another ear infection and just wanted me to hold her all day. But she also did get on the riding toy for the first time...that got a big smile out of her!!

Yesterday was back to FUN IN THE SUN!!! Our sweet little town has finally built us a fabulous rec center that has loads to do over there, best part is, it's only five minutes from our house!! For the Summer, I would say that the Splash Park outdoors is the biggest hit...that is what we did all day yesterday!! Those four kids had a BLAST!!! and because we had to leave an hour early, due to a thunderstorm, we got free passes to come back another day!! YAY!!!

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  1. Hey Nana, so cute to see Savannah crawling, even with her dress caught up in her nappy (too cute!) The water park looks soooooo refreshing ... wish there was one near me! The weather here in my part of the UK is hot & humid too and it's been that way for about 3 / 4 weeks now. Thankfully they're forecasting some rain this week poor lawn is all yellow / brown from lack of rain!!! Congrats on your DigiDares win ... was that the one that Sally was sponsoring? Belated Happy 4th July ... even if you were asleep before the fireworks. LOL! That's the kinda thing I do all the time, I can't remember the last time I actually saw in the New Year! Hope you have a great week ahead! Hugs, sue.falstaff

  2. Linda!! I love the photos of your grandkids!! They are so adorable!! The DigiDare LO is wonder it is a winner! and all the other pages are just as amazing as always!!! I just realized that you are in VA. where bouts? WE lived in Va. Beach for a while and my son lives in Midlothian VA.
    Take care and thanks for visiting my blog..always so nice to see you have stopped by!

  3. Hey Linda!! congrats on the digidare win!!! that page is just gorgeous!!! LOVE all of these photos of your grandkiddies!!! and so glad you are having fun with all of them!!! We had another frosty morning downunder but it is now 12.32pm and the sun is out and it is quite warm!! no doubt will be cold again tonight!! missing the O, hope its back soon!!! LOVE from your Nana friend!!! xxx

  4. Congrats on the win sweetie! Does not surprise me at all!